EP:012 – The Cotton Club Podcast

Well I think we figured out in this episode of The Cotton Club Podcast exactly how important a reliable internet connection is to producing a show like this.  My guests Keith Crawford, Brant Collins, Robert Blake, Craig McCoy, Arlton Lowry, and Steven Trotter were all gracious despite the fact we were disconnected 4 times thanks to my connection … [Read more...]

EP:010 – The Cotton Club Podcast

In this episode of The Cotton Club my guests Keith Crawford and Christopher Spencer discuss the upcoming Wordcamp Fayetteville scheduled for May 29th in Northwest Arkansas.  Since this is the first Wordcamp to be held in Arkansas it’s kind of a big deal for those of us who use Wordpress daily and build client solutions with it on a daily … [Read more...]

EP:003 – The Cotton Club Podcast

Tonight I recorded the 3rd edition of The Cotton Club Podcast. The topic for tonight’s show was the Apple iPad device.  My guest for the show was Calvin Hill of Reflections by the Hill Photography, an avid Mac user, professional photographer, and programmer all rolled up into one really cool guy.  We discussed the iPad and gave some of our thoughts … [Read more...]

Current Projects: The Social Radar

My good friend Keith Crawford and I have been working on a sideline project / podcast for the past month or so called The Social Radar.  The Social Radar is a weekly podcast that Keith and I record to discuss the ever changing world of social media.  Some of the areas we cover include desktop and wireless applications used to manage … [Read more...]

EP:000 – The Cotton Club Podcast

In the next couple of days I will be launching the first installment of The Cotton Club Podcast.  The Cotton Club is one of two podcasts that I am going to be a part of this year, the other is a project that I am going to be working w/ Keith Crawford on called The Social Radar, stay tuned for details on that podcast in the very near … [Read more...]

Some Personal, Business, & Development Goals for 2010

The other day I was looking over my personal goals that I had set going into 2009.  I feel really good about what I was able to accomplish in 2009 but unfortunately there are still a few things that I am going to carry over into 2010.  This is not to say that 2009 was a bad year, in fact I would say that 2009 was probably one of the … [Read more...]

EP:032609 – Phatguys NASCAR Podcast

I was honored to be asked back onto the Phatguys on Fantasy Nascar Podcast today.  We had a great show and talked about the upcoming race at Martinsville Speedway.  My picks for the race were Tony Stewart and of course Mark Martin.  My dark horse pick was Brian Vickers, we will see how those picks turn out this week.  You can tune in and listen to … [Read more...]

Podcast: The Final Lap Radio (episode 57)

I was honored to be a guest on syndicated radio talk show host Kerry Murphey's weekly Nascar Podcast, The Final Lap.  We discussed as well as the social network Twitter.  We also talked a little bit about our relationship with and Nascar in general.  Jimmie Johnson was also on the show and he talked about Twitter.  You … [Read more...]

Interview – March 20th Show

I was asked by the Phatguys this past week to be a guest on their Nascar Fantasy Podcast to discuss the upcoming Bristol Race and talk about our NascarView project.  It was a lot of fun, Oliver and Kevin might have too much fun with this podcast! Also, Kerry from Final Lap Radio called into the show, as did our very own Genna from the … [Read more...]

Web Hosting Podcasts of 2008

I am a frequent listener to the Web Hosting Show, hosted by Mitch Keeler, he usually covers a broad range of interesting topics that are extremely relevant to the Web Hosting industry. I noticed this morning that Mitch has listed his best Podcasts of 2008 on his blog and I couldn't resist the opportunity to share these w/ my readers.  If you … [Read more...]