EP:003 – The Cotton Club Podcast

Tonight I recorded the 3rd edition of The Cotton Club Podcast. The topic for tonight’s show was the Apple iPad device.  My guest for the show was Calvin Hill of Reflections by the Hill Photography, an avid Mac user, professional photographer, and programmer all rolled up into one really cool guy.  We discussed the iPad and gave some of our thoughts based on what was released at the product announcement.

We also discussed some cool apps for the iPhone such as Waze and My6sense. This was a really fun show and we covered a lot of ground.  Click on the play button below to listen, or subscribe to The Cotton Club in iTunes.

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  1. reflections says

    Overall I think it sounds good. But I think I need practice speaking…HA! Thanks again man. I had a blast. I would be more than happy to do another anytime.

  2. With each show I do I think the quality gets better, still not where I want it. ha. Sinus surgery did a number on my voice a while back. ha. I sound nasally or something, if that's even a word. Oh well, maybe over time it will improve. Maybe I can get voice lessons and learn to stop saying “uh” so much. haha. Thanks for being on, it was a ton of fun, hopefully we can do another real soon. The downloads on it have been good so far from what I have seen, will let you know the numbers on it when i have them.

  3. Hi Cotton. I work with Calvin and to state that he is an Apple enthusiast is an understatement! Thanks guys for the info on the iPAD.

  4. LOL, you don't have to tell me. ha. Thanks for tuning in.

  5. Apple_iPad_Tablet says

    This is cool! And so interested! Are u have more posts like this? Plese tell me, thanks

  6. be sure to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, we cover all sorts of related topics on a weekly basis.

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