FBN’s Cyber November Sale!

Our biggest sale of the year starts today and runs through the 24th. Get 0% interest on all input purchases made by March 31, 2021, when you qualify for FBN input financing! There’s no minimum order size, and no payment is due until January 1, 2022. Spend $35,000 by March 31, 2021 and join the 0% Club to keep your 0% interest purchasing power all … [Read more...]

It’s all going to be okay…

I had some highway time yesterday and did some praying on the current situation our nation is facing. because “uncertainty” and “fear” have become common themes in 2020. I honestly went to bed last night pretty pretty concerned about what today might bring, but this morning I was having my coffee and had a moment of clarity... Jesus showed up and … [Read more...]

The Crop Protection Industry Never Ceases to Amaze Me…

The crop protection industry never ceases to amaze me. The big players (manufacturers) in the industry release products for crop protection, these might be herbicides, fungicides, or even insecticides, that aren't really new products, instead they are a formulation that combines two existing products. I'll give you an example... Besiege® … [Read more...]

Update on Our Backyard Chickens… Wings Clipped, Named, and Tagged.

This past weekend I enlisted the help of a few relatives to assist in catching, holding, and tagging our backyard birds while Donna and I clipped their wings. This poultry rodeo was quite comical but we managed to get the job done a lot faster than I thought we would. We came up w/ some really good names for the birds too, thought we'd share our … [Read more...]

Pruning Tomato Plants for Maximum Yield and Extended Growing Season in My Raised Bed Gardens

Late last season when my tomato plants had almost played out for the season due to some fungus issues that I wasn't able to control, someone told me about aggressively pruning tomato plants (indeterminate varieties) to maximize yields and extend the growing season by keeping plants healthy and productive. This was something new to me, and since the … [Read more...]

Why I Grow Indeterminate Tomato Varieties in my Raised Beds…

I like to plant indeterminate tomato varieties because they start growing the minute I transport them outside and do not stop until we have our first frost. Some varieties can grow to become 6' to 20' feet tall and will continue to produce fruit the entire growing season. In central Arkansas I've had really good luck w/ the "better boy" and "bigger … [Read more...]

Newsletter: July 15, 2020

Aside from the intense heat we've been experiencing here in the delta the past few weeks, I hope that you and your crew are doing well and staying healthy during these crazy times. I just wanted to drop you a quick note this month to check in with you and to let you know about some specials and promotions we are running at FBN Direct and Farmers … [Read more...]

My Second Attempt at Growing Sugar Kiss and Honey Kiss Melons

A couple of years ago my mom turned me onto the "sugar kiss" and "honey kiss" melons that would occasionally show up in our local wal-mart and sams club produce sections. These melons strongly resemble a canteloupe --however, they are 10x sweeter than you can imagine and their texture is completely different. I sat down last season and dried … [Read more...]

Our 2020 Raised Bed Garden

This was our second year to plant a raised bed garden at our place in Conway. What I lacked last season in production was balanced out with a tremendous amount of education when it comes to "square foot gardening." Last season I ran into some issues w/ my tomatoes, cucumbers, and melons because of disease. This season I did a lot more … [Read more...]

Stay tuned for Storm Stories on Weather Channel this October…

Last month I had the opportunity to spend some time w/ the crew from 'Storm Stories' on the weather channel to film an upcoming episode that will feature the Mayflower / Vilonia tornado. Be sure to stay tuned to my social media (facebook and twitter) for episode details, etc. I'm told by the film crew that the show will likely air in October. Make … [Read more...]