EP:027 – The Cotton Club Podcast

It felt really weird dusting off the microphone this evening to do a podcast, it's been a long time since I've done one of these (April 2013), so I'm a little rusty, and let me apologize in advance for the quality, apparently I should have mic'd everyone instead of using a table mic that we shared, it will be better next time I promise. I've … [Read more...]

Inspire International: Nutritional Supplement & Product Information for Lifebeat, Lifethin Plus, Lifethin Shake

Since I lead a pretty transparent life and share the most mundane things under the sun on Facebook and Twitter, just about everyone who follows me and my blog already is well aware of the fact that I was diagnosed w/ Type II Diabetes, a disease that has literally subtracted people from my life that I cared deeply about. I blogged about the entire … [Read more...]

Some Personal, Business, & Development Goals for 2010

The other day I was looking over my personal goals that I had set going into 2009.  I feel really good about what I was able to accomplish in 2009 but unfortunately there are still a few things that I am going to carry over into 2010.  This is not to say that 2009 was a bad year, in fact I would say that 2009 was probably one of the … [Read more...]

25% Discount Code for H1N1 Flu Masks

We just had another death today in Arkansas as a result of the H1N1 Swine Flu, this time it was a 5 year old boy.  I also know for a fact that there have also been some reported cases inside the Conway school district this year as well in some of the younger classes.  One of our good friends was recently notified that there was a reported … [Read more...]

Making Some Health / Fitness Decisions

This past week not only did we bury Donna’s grandfather but I also had a friend from High School, who was about my same age, pass away from a massive heart attack.  This hit home for me and has had me really thinking a lot about my health the past few days.  In just 3 years I am going to hit 40, a number I used to think was old, but now realize … [Read more...]