Pleth Crew on the Road…

We have a few members of the Pleth crew hitting the road this month, possibly coming to a town near you soon! One upcoming event will be held at let us know! Getting Started with Social Media for Businesses Facebook How to Set Up a Facebook Page for Your Business Tips for Integrating Facebook into Your Website Do's and Don't's of Facebook … [Read more...]

Thanks Trump! Expect Fewer Rants from Me…

This past week I had my eyes opened to something that I haven't given a lot of thought to in a long time, the funny part is who I can attribute my eye-opening experience to, Donald Trump.  It's no great secret that I'm not a huge fan of "The Donald", in fact, he and I disagree on more than we probably agree on, but being that he's been acting like … [Read more...]

Social Media Ministry Management Tips

I recently was asked to assist with the management of social media for one of the fastest growing churches in the United States. I am still in the discovery process of what all social media strategies and presences they have in place right now but it hasn't taken me long to figure out that they have worked pretty hard to get to where they are at … [Read more...]

What Advice Do You Have For Teens Concerning Social Media?

A while back I was asked by a good friend who is in leadership at a church in Little Rock to come speak to his youth group about social media. I am real excited about this opportunity because this is one of those rare occasions where what I do professionally intersects somewhat with my personal faith. Another reason I am pretty excited is because … [Read more...]

Thoughts on Influence Marketing

Brands have used "influencers" for as long as I can remember to promote their products, just think back a few years to when Michael Jordan was at the top of his game and quite possibly the most popular athlete in the world, Nike signed him to a contract to endorse their brand and to release one of the most popular lines of tennis shoes ever … [Read more...]

Wimpy’s Burgers & Fries on Gowalla…

I was going to save the surprise for this weekend's tweetup at Wimpy's but couldn't keep a secret! The new Wimpy's Burgers & Fries spot stamp is live on Gowalla! I think it looks great, can't wait to see how it stands out on the iPhone next time I get ready to check-in.  If you are out and about this Sunday in the Conway area be sure to swing … [Read more...]

Green Cart Deli Hot Dogs FTW!!

One thing that I always like to point out on my blog are cool brands or businesses that I run across who are using social media to grow their business and to communicate with their base.  I didn’t have to look very far to find the topic for this post, instead I ran across this guy right here in Conway by way of recommendations from my friends on … [Read more...]

Understanding Influence w/ Klout

I have known about Klout for a while but only recently did I start using it frequently and recommending it to clients as a tool to track their social media efforts as well as gain insight into their network, etc.  The fact that Klout now pulls in Facebook in addition to Twitter makes it a really nice tool for metrics.  One thing that I … [Read more...]

EP:020 – The Cotton Club Podcast

This past week Keith Crawford, Luke Irvin, and I sat down with the CEO of Footfeed, Dennis Mink to discuss their brilliant iphone application. Footfeed is a new mobile geo location check-in aggregator network that brings together many web services so users can checkin to many networks simultaneously. Built from the ground up as a stand alone … [Read more...]

The Hazards of Representing Client Brands Socially…

Last week my partners and I were discussing social media and how it fits into our spectrum of products and services.  Just like any business we want to bring as many products and services to the market as we possibly can that will increase revenue.  After all, that’s the name of the game right?  Whenever we get on the topic of social media I always … [Read more...]