My Thoughts About Misery on Markham

Captain Max Pruss, captain of the Hindenburg, Edward Smith, captain of the Titanic, and now John L. Smith, head football coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks. That's how a Sunday afternoon talk show ended their program this weekend, and appropriately so. This weekend was possibly the worst weekend in the history of Arkansas Razorback football, some … [Read more...]

Call to Action: ESPN Doesn’t Want Us to See the UCA / Ole Miss Football Game!

I have no idea why but for some reason ESPN has decided that they do not want anyone in Central Arkansas to be able to watch the UCA / Ole Miss Football game this weekend. They have completely blacked out the game on PPV (Pay Per View) and ESPN3. My question to you guys is this: What kind of politics are at play for them to turn down the … [Read more...]

Razorback Football: Who Would You Like to See As The Next Head Football Coach??

College Football Season is right around the corner and will be here before we know it. This season is going to definitely be exciting. We already know that this season at the University of Arkansas is going to be a season of change and transition, even our uniforms are going through a redesign. To what extent the program itself changes remains to … [Read more...]

Thoughts on Joe Paterno

Update: 11/10/11 10:30am - The more I am learning about this case, and after having read the grand jury testimony in the Sandusky case, I'm starting to look at this entire thing a little differently. I really want to believe that Joe Pa didn't do anything wrong, or try to cover up / do the right thing in this case, but if some of the allegations I … [Read more...]

Houston, We Have Another Problem…

Yeah, I'll be the first to admit I still hold an unhealthy grudge toward Houston Nutt for a host of obvious reasons and I delight in watching his football world fall apart. This week I read a post by Aaron Torres where he went into great detail as to why this year will likely be Houston Nutt's final chapter in SEC football. I have kidded around on … [Read more...]

EP:000 – The Cotton Club Podcast

In the next couple of days I will be launching the first installment of The Cotton Club Podcast.  The Cotton Club is one of two podcasts that I am going to be a part of this year, the other is a project that I am going to be working w/ Keith Crawford on called The Social Radar, stay tuned for details on that podcast in the very near … [Read more...]

SEC Suspends Officials from Arkansas-Florida Game

I made the comment to someone today that I don’t think that I have ever seen a more pathetic job of officiating than I did this past weekend when Arkansas got cheated, on several occasions, by the officiating crew.  I am not for sure if these guys were extremely bias towards Florida, or maybe have some sort of man-crush on Tim Tebow, but … [Read more...]

My Observations from the Razorback Opener

This past week has been a blur for me so I apologize for the late post regarding the Razorback opening game.  My wife’s grandfather passed away a few days prior to the game so we naturally weren’t in the right frame of mind going into the game but we quickly perked up after the kickoff in which we ran the ball all the way back for a touchdown. … [Read more...]

LeGarrette Blount Punches Boise State Player

I am so glad College Football is back, and to top things off last night LeGarrette Blount from Oregon decided to punch a Boise State Player after the game.  What gets me is why the rest of Boise State didn’t jump on him and flog him??  Oh, and one more thought, that whole ceremonial handshake thing before the game, we don’t need all that… … [Read more...]

SEC Ban on Social Media

Okay, so the SEC doesn’t get social media.  Actually I think it is one of those cases where CBS feels threatened by social media and the SEC feels threatened that CBS will want out of their $3 billion contract.  I only see this blowing up for them in the long run. This morning Bryan Jones asked on Twitter how this was going to be … [Read more...]