My Thoughts About Misery on Markham

Captain Max Pruss, captain of the Hindenburg, Edward Smith, captain of the Titanic, and now John L. Smith, head football coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks. That’s how a Sunday afternoon talk show ended their program this weekend, and appropriately so. This weekend was possibly the worst weekend in the history of Arkansas Razorback football, some will argue Citadel (which I was in attendance for as well) but I think this weekend was far worse for a lot of reasons. I just wanted to share a few thoughts about the game and the program in general and get them off my chest. I specifically set aside some time on Monday morning to do this because I was far too furious over the weekend to speak…

The Razorback loss this weekend is the second largest fall ever from the AP Top 25 poll.  We went from 8 to Unranked. The worst disaster in football history was when Appalachian State beat Michigan. For those of you not studied up on your Football history, it was out of this debacle that an administration change came about at Michigan that resulted in Ryan Mallet’s transfer to Arkansas.

My feelings on John L. Smith is that he has to go.  Furthermore, If he is not released by this afternoon, I think we have to approach the Chancellors office and also ask for Jeff Long’s termination. How do we finish out the season? Let’s face it, a national championship is out of the picture at this point so let’s look ahead toward next year. Appoint Tim Horton as interim head coach. This will solidify some recruits we have on the radar for the time being and let’s do something really radical for next year, here’s my plan:

Bobby Petrino was the best coach we have had modern era. Yes, Bobby messed up, and he deserved to be fired. But so did Bill Clinton, and we forgave him. I hate to hear so many people think that Bobby Petrino can’t make a comeback at the University of Arkansas. How many times did George Steinbrenner fire Billy Martin? How many World Series did the Yankees win? Aren’t we a nation of second chances? Aren’t we seated in the heart of the Bible Belt where forgiveness is a virtue? Forgive the guy, pray for him. Bring him back and we go 12-0 next year and win a national title, work out a deal for a lifetime movie, people will cry, it will do wonders for the program.

There you have it.

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