Mac Outlook 2011 Calendar Sync Issue w/ iPhone

Okay, here's the bottom line. If you own a Mac and use Microsoft's Outlook to manage your calendar, it will not synchronize w/ your iPhone or iPad, period, and Microsoft has know about the issue since last year!  This is why I am furious, and become more angry each day! My nightmare started several months ago when I made the decision to transition … [Read more...]

Transitioning to Mac…

I have admired Steve Jobs and the Apple brand for several years now and last fall I purchased a MacBook Pro so I could start getting used to the Mac environment in hopes of one day transitioning from Windows to Mac for development. While I have really enjoyed the MacBook Pro, I still haven't gotten away from my PC's for developing client projects. … [Read more...]

EP:021 – The Cotton Club Podcast

I had the opportunity this week to record another episode of The Cotton Club with Keith Crawford, Amy B. Hole, Brant Collins, Robert Blake, and Calvin Hill. On this episode we all discussed some of our favorite brands of 2010 and what it was we liked about each one.  Last week I summarized some of the brands that I discussed on the show like … [Read more...]

EP:003 – The Cotton Club Podcast

Tonight I recorded the 3rd edition of The Cotton Club Podcast. The topic for tonight’s show was the Apple iPad device.  My guest for the show was Calvin Hill of Reflections by the Hill Photography, an avid Mac user, professional photographer, and programmer all rolled up into one really cool guy.  We discussed the iPad and gave some of our thoughts … [Read more...]