Mac Outlook 2011 Calendar Sync Issue w/ iPhone

Okay, here’s the bottom line. If you own a Mac and use Microsoft’s Outlook to manage your calendar, it will not synchronize w/ your iPhone or iPad, period, and Microsoft has know about the issue since last year!  This is why I am furious, and become more angry each day! My nightmare started several months ago when I made the decision to transition away from PC’s over to Mac. I prolonged this decision as long as I could for one reason and one reason only. I had used Microsoft Outlook to manage my business for almost 20 years and I knew they were getting ready to release it for the Mac instead of their Entourage product and that I would be able to import my valuable PST files over to my Mac! I literally timed my exodus based on the release of one piece of software, Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac.

Microsoft has addressed this issue several times in the past and assured thousands of us that the glitch would be addressed soon but nothing has happened. Most recently the team answered questions from several other unhappy users and totally avoided my question, be sure to read the comments. There was a point in April where we got our hopes up that Microsoft was releasing a service pack to address these issues but nothing ever came of this promise either. Microsoft, being the software company, designs software to run on Apple’s hardware. That’s pretty cut and dry right? Well, here’s a release where Microsoft actually blamed Apple for the synchronization issues

I have been reaching out to the Office for Mac team on their blog recently hoping to get some answers but haven’t been contacted by a single person as of today. Well, many of you that know me can attest to the fact that I can be somewhat persistent if aggravated, well I have reached that point. Today I reached out to the Office for Mac team on their Twitter account and their Facebook Page.

I honestly feel as if Microsoft has betrayed their loyal user base and feel no remorse about their actions because they have the only show in town when it comes to business management, scheduling, task management, collaboration, email, and shared contacts. I also feel as if Microsoft owes me personally a complete refund for $600 that I spent putting their software on all of our new Mac’s in addition to potentially more money that I can prove in loss productivity and revenue.

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  1. Office is bloated and overpriced. Moving to Google Calendar was the most freeing experience of my transition out of desktop apps and I’ve never missed outlook calendar options.

  2. that’s precesily the reason why I refuse to pay for software. Long live software piracy!!! Paying top dollar for software that only does a half-assed job, yeah. rules !

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