EP:021 – The Cotton Club Podcast

I had the opportunity this week to record another episode of The Cotton Club with Keith Crawford, Amy B. Hole, Brant Collins, Robert Blake, and Calvin Hill. On this episode we all discussed some of our favorite brands of 2010 and what it was we liked about each one.  Last week I summarized some of the brands that I discussed on the show like Gowalla, Tom’s Shoes, Starbucks, Facebook, and Groupon in a blog post, you can read that post here

Some of the other brands and startups mentioned by everyone else included; Apple, Netflix, Microsoft Kinect, Wufoo Forms, Mailchimp, Evernote, and Sports Authority, just to name a few. As usual we wrapped up the show discussing some of our favorite iPhone applications.  A few of the apps that were discussed include Glue, World Series of Poker / Texas Hold-em, Pixel Pipe, Instagram, Public Radio, and Notifo. This was one of our longer shows in that it ran over an hour and twenty minutes but there is a lot of really good information and discussion, enjoy!

About Cotton Rohrscheib

Cotton Rohrscheib is the CEO of Rohrscheib Capital Partners. Over the past 20 years he has been associated with numerous projects in the IT, Healthcare, and Agriculture industries. Born a serial entrepreneur, Cotton has personally been involved in several startups, product launches, and brand acquisitions during his career and has consulted on hundreds of projects for clients around the world. Today he still services the marketing and consulting needs for clients while trying to maintain a healthy balance between work and being a good husband and father to his wife, Donna, and their son, Spencer.


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