EP:027 – The Cotton Club Podcast

It felt really weird dusting off the microphone this evening to do a podcast, it's been a long time since I've done one of these (April 2013), so I'm a little rusty, and let me apologize in advance for the quality, apparently I should have mic'd everyone instead of using a table mic that we shared, it will be better next time I promise. I've … [Read more...]

My Favorite Diabetes App: Glooko

I get a lot of questions regarding how I track and report my blood sugar readings so I figured I would do a post on Glooko, the best app I've ran into for diabetics. Going into my upcoming "medical makeover" w/ Hippocrates Health that I blogged about last week, this has been one of the things that we have been looking into so I'm able to share … [Read more...]

I’m Doing a “Medical Makeover” w/ Dr. Amy Beard & Hippocrates Health!

I could not be more excited. My good friend, Dr. Amy Beard (who I grew up with) owns Hippocrates Health & Wellness. Well, she dropped by last night and presented me with an incredible opportunity that I could not turn down. It's no great secret that I've been dealing w/ Diabetes for the past 2 years now (since my 40th birthday). For the most … [Read more...]

Diabetes Sucks, but I’m Winning!

So, last week I regained feeling in both of my feet, something that had been a constant issue for me since December of last year because of Neuropathy. I haven't been doing anything special really, just eating less and more often during the day, keeping my levels around 110-130. My vision issues have also subsided considerably which has allowed me … [Read more...]

25th Annual Diabetes Alert Day

As I'm sure many of you that I'm friends with on Facebook & Twitter are already aware, I was diagnosed w/ Type II Adult Onset Diabetes back in December. A week in the hospital is a heck of a gift for your 40th birthday huh? It actually goes a lot deeper than that, not only did I have to spend a week in the hospital but I also experienced … [Read more...]

My Pancreas Hates Me…

I just sat down and ordered myself one of those diabetic bracelets a few minutes ago. This might not sound like a big deal, and you might even ask yourself why I haven't already done this, after all I was diagnosed back in December of last year. You see, for me I've been looking at this disease as a temporary thing (and I still do), but I have … [Read more...]

Diabetes Update: Crazy Vision + Foot Pain / Sores

I've had a couple of people ask me to post an update as to how things are going w/ the whole Diabetes thing so here goes. Before I go any further though, I'm going to go ahead and give you a heads up disclaimer, I'm going to be talking about feet. I know some of you might be into that, not that there's anything wrong with that (Seinfeld), but I'm … [Read more...]

Weight Loss, Diabetes, and Blood Pressure

I just wanted to post a quick update for those of you that have asked how I'm doing with my new regimen of lifestyle changes (diet, exercise, and nutritional supplements). Long story short I received a phone call the other day from my doctor where he told me to basically start weening myself off of my blood pressure medicines because my blood … [Read more...]

Inspire International: Nutritional Supplement & Product Information for Lifebeat, Lifethin Plus, Lifethin Shake

Since I lead a pretty transparent life and share the most mundane things under the sun on Facebook and Twitter, just about everyone who follows me and my blog already is well aware of the fact that I was diagnosed w/ Type II Diabetes, a disease that has literally subtracted people from my life that I cared deeply about. I blogged about the entire … [Read more...]

The Rohrscheib Family Christmas Blog 2012

It's that time of year again. Last night Donna and I took Spencer to his first ever Candlelight Service at New Life Church, and I think it's safe to say he had a blast (I sure know we did). On the way home last night I got to thinking about how special this Christmas is going to be for our family this year since Spencer came into our lives and … [Read more...]