Excited About Tandem Diabetes! #shareholder

I invested in Tandem Diabetes a while back, they had just caught my attention (type 2 diabetic at age 40 that will likely be type 1 in the next few years) because they had this really sleek touchscreen interface that just seemed to fit right alongside all of the other sparkly gadgets (iPhones, iPads, Kindle, etc.) that are such a huge part of our lives today –like some sort of fashion accessory, except functional… very functional.

The technological advances that have gone into the T-Slim are mind-boggling, and now that it’s getting ready to be launched in Canada, the stock (which i got into at a very discounted rate in terms of value). With more and more people that i know being diagnosed w/ diabetes, I see this as one of the fastest growing sectors in the industry, and the way the industry is structured, there just aren’t many good opportunities investing in medical devices out there, so I jumped on this stock.

Long story short, while the price has jumped a bit, in my opinion it’s more or less positioning itself to take a pretty good ride in terms of stock price, and I also think that it’s going to carve out it’s niche in this industry and become one of the next medical / healthcare success stories. Here are a few headlines from this month…

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