Turning 40 & The End of the World

Okay, so I have set this blog post to publish at one minute after midnight on December 21st, which according to the Mayan calendar is supposedly when the world will end. Ironically, they picked my 40th birthday to be the end of the world, go figure. I guess if you are reading this, then... well, we made it. The fact that I've lived to be 40 will … [Read more...]

Update: Diabetes Picked the Wrong Guy!

I've had some people ask so I figured I would post an update as to how things are going two weeks after being released from an unexpected week-long stay at the hospital where I learned that I have type 2 Diabetes. I'm happy to report that my blood sugar levels have stabilized at our target goal (below 200) and haven't spiked or done anything … [Read more...]

Diabetes Picked the Wrong Guy!

I've had a lot of people call, text, and email me this weekend to ask why I was suddenly off the radar and in the hospital last week. I figured it would be easier to blog everything once than it would be to respond to each and everyone separately, so here goes... I have secretly been battling a few things (won't go into detail) over the past few … [Read more...]