I could not be more excited. My good friend, Dr. Amy Beard (who I grew up with) owns Hippocrates Health & Wellness. Well, she dropped by last night and presented me with an incredible opportunity that I could not turn down. It’s no great secret that I’ve been dealing w/ Diabetes for the past 2 years now (since my 40th birthday). For the most part I’m treading water when it comes to my levels, not really any better or any worse after two years. My goal when I was diagnosed w/ Diabetes was to get rid of it as soon as possible through drastic lifestyle changes, etc. I had no way of knowing then, but I was setting unrealistic goals for myself in terms of diet and exercise. For all of you that are diabetics, you know exactly what I’m talking about when I say that Neuropathy & foot issues have dictated what exercise I’ve been able to do the past two years, and avoiding low blood sugar has driven my diet for the past two years.

Well, long story short, I have my own personal physician now (she even makes house calls), and she’s going to be diving into ever aspect of my health by conducting several very complex tests / blood-work, etc. and then formulating a plan for me to change my diet, incorporate exercise, get my levels in tune, etc. We estimate this is going to be a 90 day journey before we really see ourselves  making any traction or real progress, each day we will just improve little by little and keep momentum heading in the right direction.

Stay tuned for more on this “Medical Makeover” in the coming weeks, I just wanted to put this on everyone’s radar!!! I’m very excited.