2016 Rohrscheib Family Christmas Letter

In keeping with tradition, this is our annual Christmas letter to our friends & family. To be perfectly honest, we almost didn't have a letter this year, things have been so hectic this quarter that our Christmas cards are even going to be late this year (hopefully you guys will see them before Christmas). I will go ahead and get the big … [Read more...]

Moving from Basecamp to Asana…

I've always been a fan of Basecamp for project management because it's cut and dry and very easy to use. It's only been recently w/ Grainster that I've opened my eyes up to another product, Asana, that's a lot better tool in my opinion. Out of the box Asana is very clean (just like Basecamp) but it's a little more robust in terms of performance and … [Read more...]

1 Gigabyte Conway Data District Announced…

I had the privilege of having some inside knowledge of this announcement before it was shared with the public this evening at the Conway Chamber of Commerce's Annual Meeting. I had only heard a description of the video (above) that was used to announce the launch of Conway Corporation's new 1 gigabyte internet service for the new "data district" in … [Read more...]