Below you will find an excerpt from a recent post by Cotton Rohrscheib, co-founder of Discountabetes, and CEO of Rohrscheib Capital. The new concierge service for diabetics,, is now online and operational. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to drop us a note, or contact cotton directly!


I could not be more excited about the launch of! For those of you that know me you are probably already aware that I’m a type 2 Diabetic (was diagnosed on my 40th birthday). Since my diagnosis, which was a real eye-opener, I’ve done my best to stay on top of my levels –and that means testing a couple of times a day.

We have the last blood glucose meter you’ll ever need!  (and it’s FREE for a limited time!)

screenshot-discountabetesSince my diagnosis I’ve purchased about a dozen or so blood glucose meters, and probably not for the reason you might be thinking. Yes, I do want to have the latest and greatest when it comes to technology, I guess that’s understandable seeing as how I spend most of my time in the IT industry, but the reason I’ve bought so many meters isn’t because I want to get the “latest and greatest” technology… It’s because I can’t ever find the right kind of test strips when I need them. By having multiple meters it gives me “better odds” of finding test strips when I have to make a late night run to Walgreens or Wal-Mart for test strips.

Another harsh reality for me after my diagnosis was that my test strips (typically $85 – $100 monthly) aren’t covered by my health insurance, and I have good insurance… in fact, after talking with several other diabetics that I know, it appears that most insurance providers don’t cover test strips (even with a doctors prescription). So, this $85 – $100 a month for test strips is 100% out of pocket expense.

Don’t be misled by similar services…

I saw an ad on Facebook one morning that said “Free Diabetes Testing Supplies”, so I clicked on it and filled out there form. In less than 3 minutes someone called me to help me get my free testing supplies… I spent the next 30 minutes or so going over my medical history with this representative who was entering it all into a system. Twice I think I asked how they were able to give away testing strips for free and they never gave me a straight up answer –so I just hung on the line so I could see where this conversation was going.

Eventually they asked for my insurance information so I gave it to them –but warned them that they do not cover out of pocket expenses for testing strips, at this point they were still assuring me it was all good and that it was just some information they needed to get my account setup.

A few minutes later though the guy on the line informed me that their company didn’t work with my insurance company (surprise surprise), and that they could still help me though by getting me a “really good deal” on test strips and he proceeded to giving me some hideous prices for purchasing six months at a time, etc., I just thanked him and got off the phone. I looked back at the ad that I clicked on and nowhere on the ad did it mention “insurance”, kind of misleading huh?

How Discountabetes™ got started…

My friend Jeff Weeks has been a successful entrepreneur for many years, and one of the businesses he did very well in was in Diabetic testing supplies. He and I and another one of my partners on this venture were sitting around talking one day about how frustrating the whole “racket” was for Diabetics. Well… one thing led to another and guess what, we decided to create, a no-nonsense, concierge service that caters to diabetics by providing two key things… (1) convenience, and (2) value.

How do we deliver convenience & value?

You simply tell us how many times a day you test your blood sugar and we take it from there. We have customers that have their products shipped to their doors (only when they need them), and some people are paying as little as $29.95 for a 3-month supply of test strips. Oh, and here’s the best part… we have one of the most advanced blood glucose monitors on the market (Jeff actually created this meter), not only does it have voice technology (English & Spanish), but it’s FREE to all of our customers that sign-up for our monthly concierge service… When we say FREE, we mean it –and can back it up!

So, what’s the catch?

There’s no catch whatsoever, you simply signup online and we will get your FREE meter in the mail to you along w/ your first months worth of testing supplies. Let’s say those supplies last you two months (based on how often you test), you won’t receive another shipment for two months. We will never overload you with product you don’t need.

I’ve also conducted some research locally on the cost advantages by signing up w/ –and it’s close to 70% for me personally (testing 2-3 daily). Granted, the meter is pretty awesome, and it’s convenient not having to wander out to the store when I run out of test strips, but I’m not sure I would be this excited if there wasn’t a tremendous savings!

How do you get started?

It’s probably the easiest thing you will do on the internet today… just click hereand tell us how many times you test your blood sugar daily and then hit the “subscribe” button to finish the signup process!

In the interim, if you should have any questions –please don’t hesitate to drop me a note personally and I’ll be happy to help out in any way that I can!!

Cotton Rohrscheib, CEO
Rohrscheib Capital, Inc.