Update: The Intersection of Donaghey & Favre!!

Well, my snarky video on YouTube about the intersection of Donaghey & Favre (see below) has gotten the attention of the city council and the mayor as well as several other citizens who have emailed, left comments, etc. I regret not approaching some of my friends on the city council w/ this issue because they sincerely do care about Conway and … [Read more...]

Saturday Mornings Meant Rasslin’

This morning my son and I were hard at work in the kitchen taking Tupperware bowls out of their designated drawer and tossing them about the room, this is a favorite pastime of his, in fact there's a new YouTube video posted showing him doing just that. I got to thinking this morning how much fun he and I are going to have as he gets older, there … [Read more...]

The Nude Dude from KARK

Update: 09/04/2012 @ 3:40pm - Apparently this guy wasn't alone and he had a buddy out in the woods w/ him. He's just turned up. Wouldn't you love to know what these fellas got a hold of over the weekend. Here's the link... Brainstorm: 09/04/2012 @ 1:2opm - Okay I got it. New TLC Reality show. They take this couple, and the naked guy and they … [Read more...]

Razorback Football: Who Would You Like to See As The Next Head Football Coach??

College Football Season is right around the corner and will be here before we know it. This season is going to definitely be exciting. We already know that this season at the University of Arkansas is going to be a season of change and transition, even our uniforms are going through a redesign. To what extent the program itself changes remains to … [Read more...]

My Wacky Pie Dream…

Okay, so this past weekend I had the opportunity to do something I have been wanting to do for a long time. I took my baby boy to the farm to meet his family for the first time. I will blog about this a little later, because trust me it was awesome, but something happened while we were down there and it's just too whacky not to share. Okay, so … [Read more...]

My Recurring Noodling Nightmare…

Okay, so the other night my wife and I were watching one of my favorite television shows, River Monsters w/ Jeremy Wade, and in that particular episode Jeremy was in Oklahoma "noodling" for Catfish. Needless to say I was intrigued, because there's absolutely no way that I would ever go "noodling" but it was very entertaining doing it vicariously … [Read more...]

Thoughts on Joe Paterno

Update: 11/10/11 10:30am - The more I am learning about this case, and after having read the grand jury testimony in the Sandusky case, I'm starting to look at this entire thing a little differently. I really want to believe that Joe Pa didn't do anything wrong, or try to cover up / do the right thing in this case, but if some of the allegations I … [Read more...]

Houston Nutt: Deja Vu in Oxford

This past weekend my wife and I rendezvoused w/ my parents at the farm and headed to Oxford, Mississippi bright and early Saturday morning to see the Razorbacks do battle w/ the Ole Miss Rebels. Needless to say we went thinking that we were going to quickly do work on the Rebels. That simply wasn't the case. Yes, we did get a win, but it was a hard … [Read more...]

New Caricature! What do you think?

My friend, Tim Langley at, floored me this morning when he sent this caricature of me over Skype this morning! What an awesome job! The inside joke on this is that I rarely ever wear a tie, it takes someone usually either dying or getting married for me to put on a tie. My business partners are the exact same way, I've only seen them … [Read more...]

Thoughts on Dan Wheldon

As far as motorsports go I've never been as big of an Indy Car fan as I am a NASCAR fan for obvious reasons, but I do have a few drivers in the Indy league that I have always liked and admired, Dan Wheldon was one. I wasn't home watching the race today like I had originally planned and it hit me like a brick that Dan Wheldon had been killed in … [Read more...]