New Pleth Television Commercial…

There's been so much going on recently I haven't had a chance to post our new television commercial that's running in Central Arkansas. I've had a couple of people say that they had seen it. I could not be more proud of our crew at Pleth right now, they are really turning out some incredible work. If we can help you grow your business don't … [Read more...]

Video: Our Story of Hope

About six months ago Donna and I were approached by NLC Creative to do a video interview with us where we openly discussed losing our daughter and adopting our son. This past weekend the video was shown at all NLC campuses around the state leading up to the new series for Easter weekend titled, "A Story of Hope". Donna and I have been pretty … [Read more...]

#RefreshCA – Tuesday, Sept. 28

Digital Filmmaking w/ Chris Wilks & Kelly Griffin After a short hiatus for the summer break, we are back with our regular monthly meetings of the Central Arkansas Refresh group. This month could possibly be one of our coolest presentations ever, Chris Wilks and Kelly Griffin will be presenting on digital filmmaking this month.  Their … [Read more...]

Thoughts on Vimeo –vs- YouTube

my partners and I outsource video projects for our clients to a list of providers that we recommend or have worked with in the past.  This arrangement has always worked out well for both us and our clients.  With this being the case, we rarely host video content for our clients, instead we just embed content from these video sharing … [Read more...]

Central Arkansas Refresh Meeting

Just a heads up, the Central Arkansas Refresh Group is going to have our second meeting this next week (Tuesday, March 31) at the Starbucks located at 9401 N. Rodney Parham Rd. in Little Rock.  The start time is 6:00pm and we expect the meetup to last about 2 hours but with all of the networking that went on last week it’s hard to say what … [Read more...]

Streaming with

This past weekend we did a test stream of our church services at The Church Alive using and I couldn’t get over how impressive this service is.  We have made a few attempts in the past to stream using this service but have struggled because we didn’t have enough bandwidth on the upstream to carry this out.  Our upstream from … [Read more...]