Pleth Welcomes Abbi Siler

Pleth, I hinted that I had another big announcement that would be following real soon. Well, here it is.  Abbi Siler, social media evangelist and consultant from, has joined the Pleth team. Abbi brings w/ her an amazing understanding of social media as well as the ability to conduct intuitive training sessions that yield … [Read more...]

EP:022 – The Cotton Club Podcast

About a week ago I blogged about a product called Argyle Social that Keith Crawford turned me onto and I must say I was impressed w/ it the first time I opened it. If you are not familiar w/ Argyle, checkout the post I did a few weeks ago. Well, long story short, I started talking w/ Argyle right after I downloaded the software, they actually … [Read more...]

EP:018 – The Cotton Club Podcast

Wow, this evening might have been one of the most informative podcasts we have ever recorded.  My guests, Keith Crawford (@tsudo) and Amy Bradley Hole (@amybhole) discussed a topic that I introduced earlier today, The Hazards of Representing Client Brands Socially.  As I mention on the show, I consider Keith and Amy both to be thought leaders and … [Read more...]