About a week ago I blogged about a product called Argyle Social that Keith Crawford turned me onto and I must say I was impressed w/ it the first time I opened it. If you are not familiar w/ Argyle, checkout the post I did a few weeks ago. Well, long story short, I started talking w/ Argyle right after I downloaded the software, they actually called me to see how I liked it, that’s pretty much unprecedented these days to start with, but what I have found is that their company isn’t your typical startup.

Keith and I managed to get Eric Boggs, the CEO of Argyle to agree to be on the show to give us the scoop on Argyle and tell us a little more about their company. The end result was about a half hours worth of awesome conversation about Argyle’s product. I highly recommend checking out this episode if you are a social media consultant or manage social media for your organization.

On a sidenote, we have been extremely busy at Pleth, and Keith has been extremely busy as well but I promise to get The Cotton Club back up and running on a bi-weekly basis again soon. Thanks for your continued support of the show and be sure to drop us your comments and let us know what you would like to hear us discuss, we are always looking for interesting topics.