The Crop Protection Industry Never Ceases to Amaze Me…

The crop protection industry never ceases to amaze me. The big players (manufacturers) in the industry release products for crop protection, these might be herbicides, fungicides, or even insecticides, that aren’t really new products, instead they are a formulation that combines two existing products. I’ll give you an example…

Besiege® Insecticide is a popular product these days, but it’s actually comprised of two products that have been on the market since I was in high school (Chlorantraniliprole and Lambda-Cyhalothrin)… and wouldn’t you know it, if a grower purchases these two products seperately and makes his own tankmix (like he does everyday), he actually saves money!

This is just another reason why I’m so happy to be part of a team at Farmers Business Network that helps growers identify the best value instead of pushing the biggest ticket items.

About Cotton Rohrscheib

I've been an entrepreneur my entire life and have been blessed to have been associated with hundreds of startups and projects throughout my career. A few years ago I started offloading many of my business interests to spend more time w/ my family and retool my focus toward the agricultural industry, ultimately I landed at Farmers Business Network, Inc. w/ a great team of people w/ shared mission / vision and the rest is history! I still operate my personal website & blog occasionally on topics of interest to me including; parenting, agriculture, technology, and whatever else comes my direction! My blog,, is the product of over 20yrs worth of content, photos, podcasts, videos, etc., and all of the content I produce is mine personally, and only represent my views and/or opinions on topics and do not represent any of the businesses or associations I'm affiliated with.

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