Reflections on Christmas 2013

christmasthumbI think when we become parents we have a lot of things that we said “we’d always do” or “we’d never do when we are parents” blow up in our faces one by one in the first few years. I made the declaration to myself right after we were blessed w/ my son Spencer that I would be the historian for his entire childhood by blogging and photographing his every milestone and life event, well… that just hasn’t happened like I thought it would. The simple fact that life gets too busy is forever haunting. I’d like to say that my New Years Resolution is going to be spending more time w/ my family but I’m just going to suffice to say that I’m going to do the best I can and make no promises. All of this to say that it’s rare that I don’t get to spend a few “good hours” each day w/ Spencer, I’m usually good for that but with a growing business, things just sometimes get overwhelming -but that’s a good problem to have right?

Long story short, the Rohrscheib Family Christmas letter (or even our annual Christmas Cards) just didn’t happen this year, so sorry about that. If you’ve followed us on Facebook as well as my blog you pretty much know that life is as good as it’s ever been for me and I’m happier than I’ve ever been (even in the face of some adversity with regards to my health, I wouldn’t trade this past year for anything), so I really don’t need to rehash the past year for anyone, instead I thought I would talk about how awesome this past Christmas was. Not only did we get to spend a lot of time with my parents (Spencer’s Granny & Papaw) we also got to see a lot of family in Helena because we spent a week at the farm. We also spent Thanksgiving at our house in Heber Springs this year w/ my parents so Granny & Papaw got a double dose of Spencer this holiday season.

Of course seeing as how our home is packed full of toys for Spencer we decided that we weren’t going to go overboard this year on Christmas like we did last year (yeah, that didn’t happen – we ended up w/ two truckloads coming home). The kiddo got everything from a four-wheeler to an inchworm to a die-cast pedal tractor and his personal favorite so far, a Rocking Horse that his Nonnie and Pappy got for him. The kiddo is spoiled rotten but I guess there’s just no way around that w/ the grandparents he was blessed with on both sides of our family. In addition he also got his very own iPad mini so he can learn to be anti-social just like the rest of us (this is a bridge we hope to cross when he’s a little older) –this is also probably a good topic for another blog post that I will push out this year on how society has changed because of technology.

One of our family traditions of attending NLC’s Candlelight service was just as amazing this year as it has been previous years, we are so blessed to be a part of New Life Church and all of the talented people that God has brought together there! I can’t wait to see what the next year holds for NLC. Finally, in looking back at 2013 I’d say I’m probably the most blessed guy in the world to have such an amazing, beautiful wife, that loves me unconditionally no matter how big of a turd I can be sometimes and to have a close family that loves each other and stands by each other whether it’s good times or bad. I thank God for this everyday!

Lastly, business in 2013 was historical for Pleth on a couple of levels, we have grown into this big company w/ all of these talented people doing amazing things for clients that I’d never imagined we’d get to ever work with, and again I’m very thankful to not only to have been blessed to be a part of a thriving company but also to have two great business partners who are more like brothers than partners. In looking forward to 2014 I suspect that Pleth will show up on a lot of peoples radars and we will be doing lot’s of amazing things in the coming year, I just pray that we keep the favor of God over our business for years to come! (and by the way, we are a full-service marketing agency, if we can help your business out in the coming year don’t hesitate to let us know!!).

And… for those of you that have asked, I’m uploading photos from Christmas to my photo gallery now… check back soon!

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