EP:018 – The Cotton Club Podcast

Wow, this evening might have been one of the most informative podcasts we have ever recorded.  My guests, Keith Crawford (@tsudo) and Amy Bradley Hole (@amybhole) discussed a topic that I introduced earlier today, The Hazards of Representing Client Brands Socially.  As I mention on the show, I consider Keith and Amy both to be thought leaders and … [Read more...]

EP:017 – The Cotton Club Podcast

It has been a few weeks since we released an episode of The Cotton Club so last night Keith Crawford, Steven Trotter, Craig McCoy, Abbi Siler and I all sat down to record one.  For some reason the quality on this episode isn’t as good as previous episodes so please bear with me as we look into that and get it corrected for future shows. Some of … [Read more...]

EP:016 – The Cotton Club Podcast

On this episode of The Cotton Club my guests, Keith Crawford, Brant Collins, Robert Blake, Steven Trotter, and Garth Bowman, discussed a wide variety of topics related to the recent Apple event including Apple TV, the Ping social network, and the changes to iTunes.  We also discussed content delivery and how players like Netflix and Redbox have … [Read more...]

COCOCAST Episode 5

Last week I was invited by my good friends Dan Decker and Arlton Lowry to be a guest on their weekly show, the Cococast. The topics we covered on the show were all pretty much related to Apple and their recent consumer event.  Doing this show was a blast and the guys kept me rolling (as usual). … [Read more...]

EP:015 – The Cotton Club Podcast

Wow, this weeks show was off the charts.  My co-hosts Keith Crawford, Steven Trotter, and Robert Blake welcomed Dave Olson from Hootsuite to the show to discuss Hootsuite’s new freemium-premium pricing plans.  Dave was an awesome guest and really did an excellent job explaining their new rate plans as well as their enterprise plan. If you aren’t … [Read more...]

EP:014 – The Cotton Club Podcast

This evening I recorded another episode of The Cotton Club Podcast with Keith Crawford, Steven Trotter, and Mitch Canter.  It was awesome to have Mitch on the show w/ us this evening because he is an authority on all things wordpress in my opinion.  Keith and I first met Mitch at Wordcamp Fayetteville earlier this year and have followed his streams … [Read more...]

EP:013 – The Cotton Club Podcast

Recently I was in a Batesville, Arkansas Hotel Room visiting w/ Steven Trotter, Craig McCoy, and Khara Cavaness about Co-Working and the upcoming BarCamp Jonesboro and BarCamp Conway and we decided to give Dan Decker from the Conway Co-Working a call to record this episode of The Cotton Club. This show is dedicated entirely to the discussion of … [Read more...]

EP:012 – The Cotton Club Podcast

Well I think we figured out in this episode of The Cotton Club Podcast exactly how important a reliable internet connection is to producing a show like this.  My guests Keith Crawford, Brant Collins, Robert Blake, Craig McCoy, Arlton Lowry, and Steven Trotter were all gracious despite the fact we were disconnected 4 times thanks to my connection … [Read more...]

EP:011 – The Cotton Club Podcast

I think I learned something very important during this episode of The Cotton Club, the planned shows where we work from an outline of things to discuss don’t turn out near as well as the shows that are totally unplanned open conversations.  In this episode my guests, Robert Blake, Brant Collins, Steven Trotter and Keith Crawford, and I … [Read more...]

EP:010 – The Cotton Club Podcast

In this episode of The Cotton Club my guests Keith Crawford and Christopher Spencer discuss the upcoming Wordcamp Fayetteville scheduled for May 29th in Northwest Arkansas.  Since this is the first Wordcamp to be held in Arkansas it’s kind of a big deal for those of us who use Wordpress daily and build client solutions with it on a daily … [Read more...]