The big story today in our industry was the announcement that a lot of applications inside the Facebook social network exposed certain information about users.  Granted Facebook has done a lot to promote privacy within their platform, they even reinvented and simplified their privacy controls for users.  I don’t think that Facebook is solely responsible for the issues that were reported today.  Personally I think the application developers are the responsible parties.  (to read news reports on this topic, click here…)

Facebook jumped on this issue quickly and shut down several apps today until they could get the situation under control and remedy this PR nightmare before it got out of hand.  Personally I had two separate phone calls today from Facebook users asking my opinion on what I thought they should do.  Of course my first advice was to stop playing Farmville.  It’s a huge waste of time.  (Just kidding, don’t send hate mail)

Since this is a pretty hot topic, I decided to have Abbi Siler from Local2Social on The Cotton Club Podcast this evening to discuss the topic and clarify a few things as well as providing some tips and tricks to members of the Facebook Community.  If you would like to contact Abbi please feel free to do so, her email address is: [email protected], and her telephone # is: 501-786-3412. To listen to this interview, just hit the play button below: