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As I mentioned the other night, The Cotton Club Podcast is back online after an almost 2 year hiatus. Last night my good friends Brant Collins and Keith Crawford joined me on the show to discuss a wide variety of topics that will probably surprise a lot of you. Be forewarned, the new shows are going to be a huge departure from what you might remember, I think that’s partly due to the fact that the things we used to evangelize two years ago like social media and mobile applications have pretty much done what we said they were going to do, and that’s become a part of our everyday lives.

If there’s one thing the world needs fewer of, it’s social media gurus, so Keith, Brant, and I donned our tin-foil hats last night and had a great time discussing some awesome new topics like natural disasters, the flow of information through various social channels, our responsibilities as contributors, preparedness, sustainability, other modes of communication like ham radios, etc. We also covered some areas like the economy, the situation in N. Korea, the Mayflower Oil Spill, the accident at Arkansas Nuclear One, and even the Military Helicopter that clipped a power line north of Clinton that knocked power out for a large chunk of North Central Arkansas.

Don’t worry, being the nerds that we are, we keep our fingers on the pulse of technology so we did get around to mentioning a few apps that you might want to checkout and also offered up some helpful tips related to preparedness that you might not have given very much thought to. Hope you enjoy the show, sorry if it’s not edited as perfectly as past episodes, it’s been 2 years, what did you expect?? We will get back on our game!!

Oh, and by the way… Keith gets the “tweet of the night award” for this one: