Overwhelmed… No Words… Thanks!

The past 48hrs following my blog post about my wife needing a kidney transplant have been a little overwhelming, but not in a bad way. As of right now we've had 44 people signup to be tested to see if they would be a possible match for my wife. We aren't talking about saying "hey, I'm rooting for you", these are people saying, "hey, I'll give you … [Read more...]

My Wife Needs a Kidney…

Yesterday was national kidney day across the country, and for the most part it probably went by unnoticed by most people but not by my wife or I. We found out this past week that my wife, Donna, had slipped into what's considered "stage 5 kidney failure". Her kidney's basically operate at 14% right now. Since we announced this to our family and … [Read more...]

Spencer’s 4th Birthday Party!

Even though his birthday isn't until later this week we decided to have his birthday party this past weekend because we have a lot of things going on in the coming days, plus it was the only day we could find open for us to use the place he goes to for therapy, Imagination Station. We invited all of his teachers and classmates from Little Life … [Read more...]

‘GREATER’ Movie Release Pushed Back… but it’s okay!

I got news earlier today that the movie release has been pushed back, but not for bad reasons (even though it's a little discouraging at first thought), but for good reasons. For this reason I shared the definition of the word "patience" today on Facebook because I know a lot of you are going to be upset by the news. Yeah, we are all anxious for … [Read more...]

Deliver Hope Fundraiser Update!

I was just going through my emails for the day and was pleasantly surprised to see that our non-profit, Deliver Hope, has received a lot of support from the community. Some of you might remember that I blogged about our upcoming event on Saturday, January 23rd (from 6:30pm - 8:30pm) at Conway First Baptist Church. (more about the event here) We … [Read more...]

My Review of ‘GREATER’

This movie will easily find it's place on the shelf next to 'Rudy' and 'Brian's Song'. The kid that plays Aaron is sort of adorable! -- Cotton Rohrscheib As many of you are probably already aware (and tired of hearing about) my son, Spencer Rohrscheib, is in a movie that will be hitting theaters nationwide on January 29th. The name of the movie … [Read more...]

“Dare to Dream Banquet” – Saturday, January 25th

I serve on the board of directors for an amazing non-profit, Deliver Hope. We recently had our grand opening / open house, click here for more info on our resource center. If you are not familiar with Deliver Hope here's a great explanation: Our vision is that every young person, no matter the circumstance they face in life, have the opportunity … [Read more...]

Official Movie Trailer for ‘Greater’

The official movie trailer for 'Greater', the Brandon Burlsworth Story, has been released this week on YouTube. I'm also starting to see a lot of positive promotion about the movie from media around the country. As many of you are probably already aware, our son, Spencer, plays baby Aaron Burlsworth in the movie. Needless to say, we are so excited … [Read more...]

My Old Lionel Train Set

A few weeks back I carried Spencer to a train show here in Conway that was put on by the local Lionel Collectors Club of Conway. Needless to say, he was fascinated. We went to the various stations where each collector had their trains setup for kids to watch and even operate. Most of the gentlemen at the event really took up time with Spencer … [Read more...]

Exciting Times Ahead at Rohrscheib Capital

I'll be the first to admit that 2015 was a big year in a lot of ways! For me personally it marked the end of an era, I stepped down from an agency that I co-founded over a decade ago to pursue some other opportunities. This is something that I had prayed about for a long time and finally felt like the timing was right so I made the move. Since my … [Read more...]