Message to Potential Kidney Donors

uamsI’ve had a lot of people ask lately how the process is going w/ finding a kidney donor for my wife. I’m happy to report that this past week we sent out 79 emails to people that visited my blog and filled out the form to be tested. The email that we sent out contains all of the information that is needed to contact UAMS to be tested. Due to the rules of organ donation we can’t facilitate the conversation (or even be part of the conversation) –unless the potential donor wants to let us know. So we are sort of sitting in limbo not really knowing anything, but I have had a few people reach out to let me know that they have called, etc.

Below is a copy of the information we emailed this past week:

Donna and I would like thank you for your thoughts, prayers, and support while we are waiting on a kidney transplant. Your willingness to be tested to see if you are a match means more to us than you can ever know. We are so thankful to have people in our lives like you as an example of how we are supposed to give unconditionally to others. You are our hero!

The purpose of this email is to let you know that we are now active at UAMS in Little Rock on their transplant list. As you might already be aware, Baptist Hospital recently closed their transplant department after we had invested almost a year into their program. Fortunately, we’ve landed at one of the top medical centers in the United States and our transplant team is top-notch. We believe that God has his hand on this situation and this transition was part of his plan.

As a candidate to be a living donor you will need to reach out to the organ donation advocate at UAMS. Her information is listed below:

We would love to do the introduction to the advocate but there are medical and privacy laws in place that prohibit Donna and I from being a part of the conversation.

If you will reach out to Cecelia Smith via telephone: (501)526-5480 and let her know that you are interested in being a living donor for Donna Rohrscheib, she will schedule a meeting with you to come in and be tested. The procedure for testing just involves some blood work and a lot of questions about your medical history, etc.

All of the medical testing is free and you will not be charged for anything throughout the entire process. There are also privacy laws in place that prohibit the hospital staff from telling us who has been tested and who is or isn’t an eligible donor. If you would like to communicate with us after your visit that’s entirely up to you, and please feel free to ask questions you might have. We know that this is a big decision and we urge you to pray about it and talk it over with your family.

Again, words can’t express how thankful we are to you!

Cotton & Donna Rohrscheib

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