‘Greater’ in Theaters on January 22nd

We could not be more excited about the upcoming release of the movie 'Greater', the Brandon Burlsworth Story. In case you are not familiar, the movie is about the story of Brandon Burlsworth, possibly the greatest walk-on in the history of college football. The movie was directed by David Hunt and written by Brian Reindl & David Hunt. If I'm … [Read more...]

The Cotton Club is Back!

I'm pleased to announce that after about a 12 month hiatus, my personal website & blog, The Cotton Club, is back online at! Some of you that follow or subscribe to this blog might have noticed that I took the website down about halfway through the year (2015) to focus on my new venture, Rohrscheib Capital, Inc., and initially I … [Read more...]

Press Release: Discountabetes™ Launched

Below you will find an excerpt from a recent post by Cotton Rohrscheib, co-founder of Discountabetes, and CEO of Rohrscheib Capital. The new concierge service for diabetics,, is now online and operational. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to drop us a note, or contact cotton directly! Source: … [Read more...]

Back to School Blues…

Okay, so yesterday was Spencer's first day of school (3yr old kindergarten). In a nutshell... he loved it, Mom was unfazed, and Dad was a complete basket case. I can't quite explain what got into me yesterday. The whole thing for me started the night before when I went to the refrigerator to get a snack and noticed his little "paw patrol" lunch box … [Read more...]

Remembering Grandma Rohrscheib…

I'm in my home office working today listening to my wife rehearse 'Amazing Grace' and a few other songs and it's giving me chills. We lost a very special lady today. My grandmother, Eunice Mae Rohrscheib, was born on May 13, 1918. She was 97 years old and lived each one of those years to the fullest. In some sort of weird way I think it makes … [Read more...]

The SCOTUS Can’t Make Me Mean!

I was reminded this morning about how we should cautiously share our thoughts on social media because the resulting conversations can dominate your day. If something is gained from the conversation it's a good thing I would say, not sure what was gained by my post this morning but it quickly picked up a lot of traction so maybe it had an impact --I … [Read more...]

Ambassador Lewis Lucke Presentation to Episcopal Seminary in Austin, TX on Persecuted Iraqi Christians

The video below is of my friend Ambassador Lewis Lucke's presentation to Episcopal Seminary in Austin, TX on the persecution of Iraqi Christian victims of ISIS and especially those 6000+ sheltering in Jordan. This was something I hadn't given a lot of thought until I spent some time w/ Ambassador Lucke and he brought it to my attention. You can … [Read more...]

2014: End of Year Thoughts…

I had someone ask me the other day if I was going to do our Christmas letter again this year and I just laughed. There's absolutely no way I have the time or energy to sit down and chronicle everything that happened this past year. Let's see... Spencer started walking (sorry, I meant running) and he hasn't looked up, he's also an excellent climber … [Read more...]

Update: Angiogram / Heart Catheter Balloon + Stent (80% Blockage)

I knew in the back of my mind when we started this medical makeover a few months back that there was a good chance that a lot of bad things (as a result of poor lifestyle choices from my past) might unmask themselves along the way. Well, wouldn't you know it... just when I figured I could put things on cruise control and coast through the rest of … [Read more...]

EP:029 – The Cotton Club Podcast

With all of the talk in the news about the Ebola cases here in the United States I figured it would be wise to start out the first 10 minutes or so of tonight's show by having Dr. Amy to get us all up to speed on the Ebola outbreak and to answer some questions that have been on our minds. It's very informative, bottom line, it's concerning and we … [Read more...]