Last summer was the first season for our new raised beds here at our residence in Central Arkansas. I’ll be sharing more on the design of these new beds in another post. The purpose for this post is to share my mapping and planning for the 2022 growing season based on what I was able to learn last season.

Key Takeaways from 2021 Season:

  • 3 Plants (Tomatoes, Cucumbers) Perform Better in Smaller Boxes
  • I need more soil and space to produce Celery all season.
  • My Asparagus should be ready to harvest this season
  • I will need more space for Spinach, Kale, and Lettuce than I had last season
  • It’s more convenient to harvest Onions in the back of the larger boxes
  • Squash Borers are a nightmare and I will have my Squash planted elsewhere this season.
  • My drip irrigation system worked flawlessly this season.
  • The soil depths of each bed settled much quicker than I anticipated last season
  • I need to pick some cucumber varieties that are more disease tolerant, compact, etc.
  • We can eat (or giveaway) 100% of the tomatoes we produce on 9 plants
  • By the end of summer I wished that I had twice as many celery plants (so we are increasing space)