Today we released product pricing on a handful of products that are in pretty high demand right now.

Save Up to 12% on Glyphosate!

Due to all of the uncertainty in the supply chain, we’ve decided to position our early season supply of Glyphosate to our farmers, both new and existing, along w/ some purchase programs that will enable growers to save up to 12% on Glyphosate! We have a limit of 8 totes per grower and we will not be able to do any product swaps or returns on Glyphosate.

New Customers:

Existing Customers:

  • 5% Glyphosate Offer w/ $7k Adjuvant or Biological Purchase
  • 5% Cash Discount
  • 2% Discount (purchase 3 categories)
  • ChemicalsAdjuvantsSeedBiologicals, etc.
  • 12% Discount Combined
  • Brings Glyphosate Price down to $35.20…

More Products Coming Soon…

We plan to release pricing on the following products in 2-3 weeks, just in time for Cyber November, our biggest promotion of the season! So please stay tuned…

0% Financing from FBN®

Qualified applicants can lock in 0% interest on FBN Direct® purchases* through January 20, 2022! There’s no minimum order size, and no payments until January 2023 – that’s right, a year or more without any payments due!  Oh, and if you want to save on interest all season long we’ll extend that 0% rate even further, through August 31, 2022, when you make qualifying purchases by January 20, 2022.†