You should definitely check out FBN’s Atarrus Biostimulant this season, especially with mepiquat on cotton to reduce stress…

Last year FBN introduced a new Bio Stimulant called “Attarus“. Atarrus helps mitigate herbicide stress and weather stress. We specifically had research indicating great results on cotton. At only $4.25 ac, it gives a great ROI and is worth a try on some of your acres.We have this available in all of our local hubs across the mid-south. We also have a top-notch agronomy team that can assist you with any technical questions you might have regarding this product.

Atarrus helps crops withstand weather, nutritional, environmental, and chemical stress factors in addition to providing additional plant health and vigor. The technology in Atarrus is backed by years of research and used around the globe. Atarrus is made from 100% naturally derived plant-based materials and contains peptides and signaling promoters that help generate these effects.

Our technology partner in creating this product is world-renowned in the biostimulant world for best in class products, research, and technology.

Atarrus on Cotton

Several cotton growers that Les Riley, one of our field executives in the mid-south, worked with this past season tried some on their cotton crops last year and the results were impressive, see the video below:

Attached here is a study showing the great results that was seen last year when Atarrus was applied with Mepiquat (Pix) growth regulator.

Atarrus on corn & beans; Applied with Round Up.

We also saw widespread use in the Midwest on corn and beans. Farmers are using Atarrus again this year, and many are increasing acreage applied.
In a number of tests when Atarrus applied with glyphosphate more vigorous root growth and faster recovery has been seen in corn and beans compared to glyphosphate alone — and one farm had soybeans a full 7 inches taller

Accross multiple crops research has shown that Atarrus:

  • mitigates stress from herbicides, especially glyphosphate
  • increases roots which increase nutrient uptake great when applied with fungicides, growth regulators, and in season fertilization

Stress Mitigation

State of the art amino acid harvesting process

For additional information, please see attached data sheet on plant stimulating peptides — amino acids from plant material. Also, download the complete Atarrus data sheet here.

“100% vegetal protein hydrolysates. Atarrus starts from raw vegetal materials of the highest quality and is created through an exclusive proprietary manufacturing process. Double-Enzymatic Process (PDEP) to produce protein hydrolysates containing a high concentration of amino acids in soluble Plant Stimulating Peptide chains. PSP’s, unlike free amino acids, have a more prominent, assured, and natural biostimulant effect. These peptides are made available to the plant at the right balance and in ready-isomer-form for the plant to quickly absorb and utilize”
phenotypically changes soybean plant appearance. i.e color, height. 82% of the time the amino acid change comes out complete, with a head and a tail which provides greater influencing to the plant receptors. Each batch is tested.

For more information, please feel free to reach out to me directly, or your account representative. We would love to work with you this season to test Atarrus on your operation.

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