Why I Grow Indeterminate Tomato Varieties in my Raised Beds…

I like to plant indeterminate tomato varieties because they start growing the minute I transport them outside and do not stop until we have our first frost. Some varieties can grow to become 6′ to 20′ feet tall and will continue to produce fruit the entire growing season. In central Arkansas I’ve had really good luck w/ the “better boy” and “bigger boy” varieties as well as the “arkansas traveler” variety.

Intedeterminate tomatoes are a good fit for me and my family because we enjoy eating the tomatoes right out of the garden whenever we can get them. A lot of people that do canning prefer the determinate varieties because they will ripen at the same time (and once the plant has produced it’s crop it’s finished).

One thing I do recommend for indeterminate varieties, pruning. For more information on pruning, see one of my most recent blog posts on the topic.

Do you have a favorite tomato variety? If so, drop me a note in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you!

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