Update on Our Backyard Chickens… Wings Clipped, Named, and Tagged.

This past weekend I enlisted the help of a few relatives to assist in catching, holding, and tagging our backyard birds while Donna and I clipped their wings. This poultry rodeo was quite comical but we managed to get the job done a lot faster than I thought we would. We came up w/ some really good names for the birds too, thought we’d share our roster for those of you that might be interested…

(13) Black Australorps

  • Billie Sue
  • Frankie
  • Maxine
  • Mary Ruth
  • Betty Anne
  • Dorothy
  • Ruby
  • Sarah
  • Helen Baker
  • Linda
  • Patricia Lynn
  • Joan

(10) Bantams

  • Eggy Azalea
  • Bitty Hen
  • Eartha Chick
  • Loretta Hen
  • Redfeather
  • Red Foreman*
  • Bocephus*
  • Johnny Cash*
  • Waylon*
  • Boomhauer*

* = rooster

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