Update on Donna’s Kidney Transplant…

The other day I made mention of Donna’s “upcoming kidney transplant” on Facebook and my inbox and phone have been getting blown up –so I wanted to clarify a few things. In my post on Facebook I was just mentioning that we recently upgraded our home automation and security system to add cameras and devices for Donna should she need assistance when I’m not at home. I did all of this because when she has her transplant she will be pretty delicate (for lack of a better word), she won’t be able to have visitors or pretty much anyone in the house for a period of time due to her low immunity / resistance to sickness.

I think my wording might have been a little misleading because several people thought that we had an actual kidney waiting on us and things were in motion. Sadly, that’s not the case. While we are at the top of the donor list, have been there for almost 3 years now, we are currently listed as inactive because of an issue we had a while back where she had a PE (pulmonary embolism) dislodge and make it’s way to her lungs. Fortunately it’s under control, and has been for a while now, but the doctors have been very thorough to “reactivate” us until they know exactly what type of blood thinning regiment she will be on post transplant.

The good news is that we will be finishing her last round of tests in about 30 days, at this point we will become active again. What this means is that we will have our bags packed and sitting at the back door waiting on that phone call. From that point we have a ton of things that will set in motion that we’ve already made plans for –you have to be very prepared.

While I wish I did have good news to share about an upcoming kidney transplant, I feel blessed to know that so many people are still praying for her and were keeping us in their thoughts.


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