honeycuttToday I was on my way to meet w/ some growers in Central Arkansas to discuss some opportunities with my new company, Farmers Business Network, when I happened to have a brush with greatness, so I just had to document this for posterity…

You see, a few years ago there was an unlikely candidate for the Conway School Board, his name was Dwight David Honeycutt. As legend has it he had been involved in education in some capacity for the majority of his career –until things sort of went off the tracks… nobody knows for sure what exactly led to this –but it’s widely accepted that he wanted to disrupt the status quo in Central Arkansas Education.

As I was standing in line behind the guy at the gas station waiting to pay for my handful of snacks, etc., I thought the voice sounded familiar so I listened in. He asked for 3 packs of cigarettes (off-brand camels I think), then as the cashier returned with his smokes he started pulling massive amounts of change from his pockets and told the girl behind the counter that he had picked all of it up in the parking lot, haha. I knew immediately it was him.

I shook hands with him and was quickly reminded that he still had the “strongest hands in the state”, we carried on a brief conversation and then we parted ways. We laughed about the time that Will Ferrell picked up his campaign video and it skyrocketed on Funny of Die, we also laughed about the time “some dude punched his wife outside of Arby’s”…good times.

As he left I didn’t ask him where he was going because deep down I think I already knew… on a day as nice as today was, he was undoubtedly headed to a local fishery to harvest some peacock bass with his Orvis zero gravity fly-rod.

As I got back into my truck to head out I couldn’t help but think about how disruptive David’s campaign for school board was a few years back and how todays Presidential Election stacked up, I’d say that if he was interested, Dwight would give both parties a run for their money as an independent.

For those of you that aren’t familiar w/ Dwight David Honeycutt, put in your headphones and enjoy. Be forewarned though, this isn’t a family friendly video. It’s also a horrifying example of what can happen when a candidate goes off the reservation.