Press Release: Rohrscheib Leaves Pleth to Launch Rohrscheib Capital

Entrepreneur Cotton Rohrscheib announced today that he was stepping down from Pleth, an agency he co-founded a decade ago, to pursue other opportunities. “This is something I’ve prayed about for a while now and I think it’s the right time,” said Rohrscheib. Since 2000, Mr. Rohrscheib has been active in the expansion of the web in Central … [Read more...]

EP:025 – The Cotton Club Podcast

As I mentioned the other night, The Cotton Club Podcast is back online after an almost 2 year hiatus. Last night my good friends Brant Collins and Keith Crawford joined me on the show to discuss a wide variety of topics that will probably surprise a lot of you. Be forewarned, the new shows are going to be a huge departure from what you might … [Read more...]