EP:024 – The Cotton Club Podcast

After a brief hiatus The Cotton Club was back online this evening w/ Keith Crawford, Tyler Presley, Steven Trotter, Chris Spencer, and Mike Fraietta to discuss Google+. Being that Google+ is fairly new, this was the first chance for me to really connect w/ some of my friends to get their take on the new product. It was also very cool to have Mike … [Read more...]

EP:006 – The Cotton Club Podcast

In this Episode… My co-host Keith Crawford and I discussed a very popular topic this evening, and that’s the rollout of Google Buzz. In this episode we both give our first impressions of this new social network / aggregator based on our initial 3 or 4 days of testing.  Keith has been an authority on FriendFeed for some time now so given the … [Read more...]

Quick Thoughts on Google Buzz

Okay so when Google started pushing Google Profiles the other day I knew that they were laying the foundation for something social, and it wasn’t going to be Orkut on steroids, insert sarcastic giggle here.  I went ahead and setup my profile a few weeks ago, you can find my profile here... Turns out my assumption was correct, Google launched … [Read more...]