EP:019 – The Cotton Club Podcast

The big story today in our industry was the announcement that a lot of applications inside the Facebook social network exposed certain information about users.  Granted Facebook has done a lot to promote privacy within their platform, they even reinvented and simplified their privacy controls for users.  I don’t think that Facebook is solely … [Read more...]

2009 Review: Huge Year for Facebook (Poll)

Going into 2009 I think we all knew that social media was going to transform the web as we knew it but I don’t think that any of us expected it to explode into the mainstream as fast as it did.  The 3 big social networks, Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace all entered 2009 with some impressive numbers already but by year end, I bet they were just as … [Read more...]

Facebook TOS Update

I posted a blog entry last week about the whole Facebook Terms of Use thing that everyone was up in arms about and subsequently was pulled by Facebook after a public outcry.  Here’s that blog post if you are interested. Well, apparently the upper level management at Facebook has enlisted a PR firm or something because I see a little bit of … [Read more...]

The Facebook TOS

I got no fewer than a dozen emails and twitters yesterday asking me what I thought about the new Facebook Terms of Service that was updated a few days ago so I thought I should probably weigh in on it and give everyone my take.  This morning, Facebook users were greeted with this message: Over the past few days, we have received a lot of … [Read more...]