Newsletter: April 2018 / Planting Edition

Below you will find a copy of my April 2018 Monthly Newsletter that went out to subscribers of The Cotton Club…

Hows planting season coming along? In the last 10 days we’ve seen temperatures ranging from 32° to 80°, flash flooding, hail, tornados, and even a few snow flurries in Northwest Arkansas. Hopefully this isn’t an indicator as to what the 2018 growing season is going to be like…

I know you are busy –so I’ll get right to the point. I just wanted to drop you a message this month to let you know about some weekly specials on chemicals we are running as well as linking you up with some great tools for managing your operation like our pest tracker and our FBN Ops app.  As always, if you have any questions about FBN, don’t hesitate to give me a shout (501) 206-1664, or just respond to this email. Also, if you are not a member and would like to get signed up, give me a shout and we can get you setup in time to enjoy FBN this growing season!

Thanks, and be sure to scroll down to see the rest of this email –lots of great information this month!

Save Money on Chemicals w/ FBN Direct…Anchor

To help you get ready for the season, our Weekly Direct Deals offer savings on several products each week. Shop fast–the deals below end on Monday, April 23

  • Fierce®: $75.50/lb–20% off market average price!
  • Acifluorfen 2: $38.50/gal–9% off list price.
  • Willowood Propanil 4EC: $19.75/gal–5% off list price
  • Contact James Bottorff for local pickup…

For prices on additional products or to apply for credit, please contact Justus Bass (806) 344-8799, or Brady Bunde (605) 223-4788. Also, feel free to contact me, Cotton Rohrscheib (501) 206-1664 anytime!  Mention our advertisement on KBFC & KXJK and get a free gift. Also, be sure to checkout Bottorff Ag Services for all of your custom application needs!

Track Pests in Your Area…

Receive weekly updates on pests reported in your area by other FBN members. Once the season begins we’ll anonymously ask you and other members what pests they’ve seen in their area. You’ll get localized maps showing what pests are popping up near you on a weekly basis. Opt in to the Pest Tracker Poll by texting “PEST” to Phone #313131

Use FBN Ops for Record Keeping, Notes, & More… 

Don’t miss a field note from your team ever again, even when your phone doesn’t have signal. With the FBN Ops app, you can easily share field notes with your team. If you don’t have signal in your fields, still write it down and FBN Ops app will update once you gain service again. Download FBN Ops for free on iTunes and Android.

All of Your Data… in one place!

I love working w/ growers who have never utilized data on their farms, or have collected data in the past but never realized the value before… If you fit into one of these categories, we need to talk!  Once planting season is wrapped up, be sure to schedule a free data collection appointment w/ myself or a member of our team. The FBN platform aggregates data from all manufacturers into one convenient dashboard and in less than 10 minutes I can show you the value it can bring to your operation!

$600 Membership Fee… Best Deal in Farming!Anchor

FBN is the world’s largest independent network of growers. At our core, we are a data company, but we provide much more than just tools to help you organize and utilize your data. Our members benefit from the power of networking data and gaining access to benefits such as FBN Direct, Seed Finder, & Price Transparency, and much, much more!  Once a farmer joins the network they gain access to all of these benefits:

Recommended Reads…Anchor

Below you will find a collection of posts that I thought might be relevant reading for those of you that might be interested. As always, I highly recommend checking out “emergence blog” by Farmers Business Network for the latest news and industry information.

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