As many of you are probably already aware, I have been pursuing other interests the past few years, and after careful thought and prayer I arrived at the decision to pursue a buyer for my web application and hosting company.My exit from the industry is something I have given considerable thought. I’ve had the privilege of working with many of you for over twenty years —and, to be honest, this is something I’ve pondered for the past 18 months because I value the many relationships with many of you a great deal. I am also very proud of the body of work we’ve built over the years and enjoyed watching each of your businesses and projects grow during this time. 

To be perfectly transparent, I had eleven companies that were interested in acquiring this business –many of which were quite capable of serving our client needs on a technical level, but after a lot of research one in particular stood out to me as the “best match” due to their level of customer service and on a relational level. One of my top priorities has been to find a company that would be on a first name basis with all of our clients and that would be extremely accessible and in tune with their ongoing needs. That company is Cloud Access.

I’ve been in negotiations with Cloud Access and their parent company, Cloud Equity Group, for the past few months and recently welcomed their CEO, Jonathan Gafill, and core members of their team to Arkansas for a range of meetings to insure the entire process of switching over will be entirely transparent to our client base. In addition, I will continue to be an asset to the Cloud Access team in an advisory role moving forward.

I’m really excited for each of our clients moving forward. The Cloud Access team currently has 25 employees with a wide variety of talents and skill sets. I’m confident that future projects our clients develop with them will be extremely successful. For questions regarding this transition, please reach out to [email protected] or visit:

In closing, I want to personally thank each of our clients for their continued support and I will always value our relationship and body of work together! Please take this opportunity to visit Cloud Access online…