It’s Been a Busy Month at FBN…

It’s been a pretty crazy month so far for our FBN crew in the mid-south, we’ve kicked off our summer clinics and grain marketing seminars across the country and many of us have been running the highways much more than usual in preparation for this launch. Altogether, we will have approximately 177 of these meetings w/ growers.

I had the honor of kicking off these meetings w/ a few members of our team; Charles Baron, Eric Wedig, and Dudley Stephens. If you are interested in attending any of these meetings when they are in your area, click here, see the map below for a complete breakdown of our upcoming meetings!

Some of the topics these meetings will cover are: our newly-redesigned FBN Mobile App, FBN Direct Storefront, Seed Relabeling Report, Price Transparency, and a large portion is dedicated to some of our future offerings… primarily, the recent re-boot of FBN Grain Marketing. Click here to learn more about our commodity marketing programs and services. Oh, and if you’d like to try a 14 day FREE TRIAL of our Market Intelligence, click here.

In addition to our summer meeting series, we’ve had some other big things happening at FBN, see the list of articles and news releases below:

FBN Expands to Canada:
FBN Launches Commodity Crop Marketing Platform
FBN Receives Ag Data Transparency Seal
David Delaney Joins FBN Board:
Other Recent Coverage:
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