Farmers Business Network Opens Multiple Hub Partner Locations Across the Mid-South

FBN members know the value of transparent, low input prices and the convenience of buying direct-to-farm inputs through their FBN representative via phone, email, or by using our industry leading client application. Now, with the launch of our new FBN Hubs, you can double down on savings and convenience!

Click here to find your local FBN Hub, or call (844) 200-FARM. Order online or in-person*. Choose delivery to your farm, or save even more when you choose free pick-up at a Hub. If you don’t see a Hub near you, check back soon. We’re adding new locations throughout the season. 

For additional information, please give me a shout: (501) 206-1664.

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I've been an entrepreneur my entire life and have been blessed to have been associated with hundreds of startups and projects throughout my career. A few years ago I started offloading many of my business interests to spend more time w/ my family and retool my focus toward the agricultural industry, ultimately I landed at Farmers Business Network, Inc. w/ a great team of people w/ shared mission / vision and the rest is history! I still operate my personal website & blog occasionally on topics of interest to me including; parenting, agriculture, technology, and whatever else comes my direction! My blog,, is the product of over 20yrs worth of content, photos, podcasts, videos, etc., and all of the content I produce is mine personally, and only represent my views and/or opinions on topics and do not represent any of the businesses or associations I'm affiliated with.

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