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In episode 26 of The Cotton Club Podcast with Brant Collins & Keith Crawford we discuss the events of the recent week including the Boston Marathon Bombing, the American Airlines Computer Outage, the Ricin laced letters mailed to the White House, and most recently the fertilizer plant explosion near Waco, Texas. I think a lot of people were surprised at our last episode and the noticeable turn concerning our subject matter, we’ve all gotten several calls from friends and closet preppers -or at least I know that I have. Also in this episode Keith mentions CISPA and how we should all contact our representatives and have them stand up for our internet privacy.

One of the topics we also discussed was my newest hobby of storm chasing and the guys asked me to share how anyone interested in getting their storm spotter certification can get hooked up so here’s the link. Just another heads up, it looks like storms are brewing so we might be heading out this afternoon. If severe weather does hit central Arkansas be sure to tune into the Central Arkansas Radio Emergency Network and also hear our updates from the Hail’s Angels: Central Arkansas Tail Chasers on KFFB FM106.1. You can also follow us on Twitter this evening as well as everyone else that’s out and about under the #ARWX twitter feed…