EP:001 – The Cotton Club Podcast

I finally got around to recording my first installment of The Cotton Club Podcast this evening.  My guest co-host for the show this evening was Keith Crawford, you may know him as @tsudo on Twitter. This initial podcast was just a test run to see how things work so that when Keith and I get ready to launch another sideline project called The Social Radar in the very near future we can hit the ground running.

Please keep in mind that this is my first go at podcasting, the quality and content should get better over time.  Despite the fact that I have invested in an awesome setup from software to microphones, the audio of me talking didn’t turn out very well at all.  You can hear Keith great, and that’s probably a good thing since he is a lot cooler to listen to. 🙂

The topics we covered on Episode 001 of The Cotton Club were as follows:

  • Geosocial Applications (Gowalla, Foursquare, Brightkite, Loopt)
  • iPhone Applications (Dragon Dictate, Where R U?, Evernote, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Mytown)
  • Social Media Predictions for 2010 (Twitter, Facebook, Friendfeed)
  • Methods for Archiving Thoughts for Blog Posts (Friendfeed, WordPress, etc.)
  • Crazy Story of The Week from Hell
  • NASCAR Withdrawels
  • Central Arkansas Refresh Meeting – January 26th (Nick Brewer presenting on PODSCMS for WordPress)

Thanks for tuning into my first show, I promise it’s going to get better over time, so please bear with me.  If you want to subscribe to The Cotton Club Podcast, you can do so on iTunes.

Production Note: The audio at the beginning of the recording isn’t very loud, a few minutes into the recording I finally managed to get it adjusted to where you could hear me a little bit better.  Please bear w/ me, this is a work in progress.

About Cotton Rohrscheib

I've been an entrepreneur my entire life and have been blessed to have been associated with hundreds of startups and projects throughout my career. A few years ago I started offloading many of my business interests to spend more time w/ my family and retool my focus toward the agricultural industry, ultimately I landed at Farmers Business Network, Inc. w/ a great team of people w/ shared mission / vision and the rest is history! I still operate my personal website & blog occasionally on topics of interest to me including; parenting, agriculture, technology, and whatever else comes my direction! My blog,, is the product of over 20yrs worth of content, photos, podcasts, videos, etc., and all of the content I produce is mine personally, and only represent my views and/or opinions on topics and do not represent any of the businesses or associations I'm affiliated with.


  1. I love getting geek friends together to chat and this was no exception. It was a lot of fun. You've done a great job and I appreciate the opportunity to join you. Thanks Cotton.

    You are without a doubt da man.

  2. Thanks for being on, it wasn't a bad trial run. I still have to figure out whats going on w/ the audio on my end, once we get that knocked out I think the quality is going to be a lot better.

  3. Thanks for being on, it wasn't a bad trial run. I still have to figure out whats going on w/ the audio on my end, once we get that knocked out I think the quality is going to be a lot better.

  4. reflections says

    Have you heard of Waze? It is a social community map that works on most phones. Check it out at

  5. reflections says

    I am listening to it and your audio changes about 4 minutes into. Your voice became much clearer.

  6. Yeah, I was tweaking settings the whole time we were talking, I think the next one will be a lot better.

  7. I have played with it a little bit, looks pretty cool.

  8. Daniel from waze here. maybe you would consider writing a blog post about waze Cotton?

  9. Hey Daniel, I plan on doing a post about Waze in the very near future, once I have had a chance to become a little more familiar w/ it. Would you be interested in doing a recorded Skype call w/ myself and Keith sometime to give us some of the high points? Keith and I have another Podcast (better podcast) that we are going to launch soon called 'The Social Radar' and this would make an awesome topic. Thanks.

  10. Hey Cotton. Would love to arrange a recorded call with you on skype. The best person for this thing is Diann Eisnor. Please send me an email and I will put you guys in touch 🙂

  11. Thanks Daniel – I just sent you an email. Just have Diann drop me a note and Keith and I will coordinate w/ her on the interview. Thanks.


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