Forcing Sidebar Widgets to Display Before the Content Area in Responsive Mode w/ Genesis Framework

I had a client request to have his sidebar widgets load before his content area on his wordpress website and while I knew it had to be possible, I'd never done that before so I did some investigating and discovered that it is possible w/ Genesis Framework / Child Themes, just add this code to your functions.php file (or in Genesis > Custom Code … [Read more...]

Some of My Favorite WordPress Plugins

One of the things I enjoy most about attending wordcamps is learning about new and improved plugins that are available. There are literally so many plugins out there that it's impossible for one person to keep track of them all so it's always nice when developers openly share some of their favorite plugins w/ others. Since I will be speaking on … [Read more...]

Jigoshop eCommerce Plugin for WordPress

Over the years I've worked w/ a lot of eCommerce solutions, both paid as well as open-source, and I have to say that I've never been impressed w/ any one system like I have been Jigoshop. I'm including full-blown paid / proprietary systems like Storefront, Turnkey Webtools, and FoxyCart, as well as open-sourced projects like OSCommerce in the … [Read more...]

Live Blogging: Notes from NWA Techfest 2012

Having an awesome morning at NWA Techfest, great turnout for the inaugural event. Since all of my slides are ready for my 2pm presentation I figured I would live blog my notes (since I left my moleskin at home). So, if you were unable to make it up to Fayetteville this morning, enjoy... Had an … [Read more...]

Faster Deployment w/ Genesis Theme Framework

I'm really looking forward to my talk at Wordcamp Fayetteville this year because it's totally different than any talk that I've ever really done. Typically, I will prepare an outline to work from that will be accompanied by a graphically driven presentation and pray to God continuously for an entire week leading up to the event that my ADHD doesn't … [Read more...]

Wordcamp Fayetteville Presentation: Rapid Theme Development w/ Genesis Framework

Update 06/25/12: I will be giving away (2) Genesis Frameworks w/ Child Theme during my presentation, compliments of Studiopress Genesis & Brian Gardner. This is an awesome prize for two lucky people that attend my session!! You can checkout what's available here... I got an email today from my good friend Christopher Spencer, the web … [Read more...]

Current Projects: Rosewood Cremations

We completed a project for Rosewood Classic Coach a few months ago and they were so happy w/ the way the project turned out they asked us to take a look at their Rosewood Cremation website and convert it to Wordpress for them. In addition they also wanted to add a small amount of e-commerce to the site as well as converting some of their forms to … [Read more...]

Genesis Framework 101

I have been working on a project involving the beta release of Wordpress 3.0 and the Studiopress Genesis Theme Framework this week and I have to say the more I use this combination I can see how things are fixing to change in the CMS world.  For the better too I might add. The Wordpress 3 release is still in beta but some of the new things it’s … [Read more...]