Mud Hogging in a Ford Festiva…

Not Actual Vehicle

Not Actual Vehicle

The other day Layne Fortenberry and I were on the interstate coming home from Memphis and were somewhere on that long stretch of road between West Memphis and Earle when we both glanced about 500 yards or so off the interstate and noticed a Ford Festiva stuck in the middle of a beautiful green wheat field (miles from the interstate and discernable neighborhood or road).

Surrounding the car were ruts that were barely visible from our distant vantage point but what was obvious was the hood on the car that was up. The car looked so out of place that we both immediately started laughing and trying to guess what kind of story goes along w/ why the car is in the middle of someone’s wheat field.

I insisted that it wasn’t the actions of a lone driver, because I’ve been in those losing scenarios before where bad decisions just keep making things worse. Sure, they are funny as crap later on, but in the moment the severity never outweighs the joy –that’s usually fueled by alcohol, or something else. I told Layne that I’d like to think that there was someone in the passenger seat encouraging them to just “give it a little more gas”

There’s also that whole realization that “now we got to walk out of here” moment. That would also be a pretty fun trek to witness since the car came to rest miles from the nearest home or business.

I’ll be perfectly honest, I don’t miss my rough and rowdy days very much –except when I see something like this, and I just can’t help but laugh until my side starts hurting.

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