EP:009 – The Cotton Club Podcast

Just wrapped up another episode of The Cotton Club Podcast tonight w/ guest hosts Brant Collins and Robert Blake.  The topic for discussion for this evenings show was SEO, or search engine optimization.  I have actually gotten a lot of requests from people to do a show on this topic so hopefully we did a good enough job explaining our viewpoints … [Read more...]

EP:008 – The Cotton Club Podcast

This weeks show was sort of an experimentation in that we had four guests on at once via Skype as opposed to just Keith and I, I think the end result was pretty awesome, we only had one glitch in the middle of the show and it was minor. This week my guests for The Cotton Club included Keith Crawford, Robert Blake, and Brant Collins.  Some topics … [Read more...]

EP:007 – The Cotton Club Podcast

After a short hiatus, The Cotton Club Podcast is back!  Tonight I had special guest co-hosts Keith Crawford and Robert Blake on the show to discuss a wide variety of topics including the new Facebook enhancements rolled out at the F8 Conference and we each weighed in on what our thoughts were as to how it’s all going to impact site owners and … [Read more...]

EP:006 – The Cotton Club Podcast

In this Episode… My co-host Keith Crawford and I discussed a very popular topic this evening, and that’s the rollout of Google Buzz. In this episode we both give our first impressions of this new social network / aggregator based on our initial 3 or 4 days of testing.  Keith has been an authority on FriendFeed for some time now so given the … [Read more...]

EP:005 – The Cotton Club Podcast

Keith Crawford and I recorded Episode 2 tonight of The Social Radar podcast.  Tonight Keith was gracious enough to allow me to start out the show w/ a rant of my own regarding Facebook’s lax privacy in regards to wall posts from applications to profile pages.  This is something that I will never understand, especially realizing the cluttered path … [Read more...]

EP:004 – The Cotton Club Podcast

In the first episode of ‘The Social Radar’ podcast Cotton Rohrscheib and Keith Crawford discuss a wide variety of topics related to social media, from desktop applications to wireless and mobile apps. Some of the applications discussed in this episode include Twazzup, Posterous, PicPosterous, Ustream U Recorder, Bambuser, TweetMic, My6Sense, … [Read more...]

EP:003 – The Cotton Club Podcast

Tonight I recorded the 3rd edition of The Cotton Club Podcast. The topic for tonight’s show was the Apple iPad device.  My guest for the show was Calvin Hill of Reflections by the Hill Photography, an avid Mac user, professional photographer, and programmer all rolled up into one really cool guy.  We discussed the iPad and gave some of our thoughts … [Read more...]

EP:002 – The Cotton Club Podcast

I am still continuing to get my audio settings tweaked for these shows so please bear with me on this, hopefully in the next few episodes I can get this all ironed out. I wanted to release another edition of The Cotton Club this week before heading out of town so I asked my good friend Bill Wheeler of SWScripts to be on the show, Bill is also … [Read more...]

EP:001 – The Cotton Club Podcast

I finally got around to recording my first installment of The Cotton Club Podcast this evening.  My guest co-host for the show this evening was Keith Crawford, you may know him as @tsudo on Twitter. This initial podcast was just a test run to see how things work so that when Keith and I get ready to launch another sideline project called The Social … [Read more...]

EP:000 – The Cotton Club Podcast

In the next couple of days I will be launching the first installment of The Cotton Club Podcast.  The Cotton Club is one of two podcasts that I am going to be a part of this year, the other is a project that I am going to be working w/ Keith Crawford on called The Social Radar, stay tuned for details on that podcast in the very near … [Read more...]