Instead of a Christmas Letter, Some Random Thoughts…

In lieu of our usual long-winded Christmas letter detailing all of the exciting things we did this year, I have decided to share some things that have been on my mind lately.  This may come as a surprise, but occasionally I do have my serious moments where I am not blowing things up in the backyard. The Things We Take for Granted… A few days ago … [Read more...]

Contrasting Churches in Tyler, Texas

Okay, my wife and I have some very dear friends who are planting a church in Tyler, Texas.  Their daughter was born on our wedding day so we have always had a natural connection to them, not to mention that Garth and I are very close and Melisa and Donna have been friends for years.  With that being said, when we heard that they were … [Read more...]

Be a Lighthouse in Your Neighborhood

This afternoon my wife and I were just hanging out at the house.  I was in my office flipping between football games and I think she was watching a movie or something in the living room when the doorbell rang.  When we got to the door there was a black guy standing there, in his late 20's / mid 30's, he obviously had been in the rain for a little … [Read more...]

School Teachers

Someone forwarded me this email, I usually trash emails like this without reading them because I simply don’t have the time but for some reason this one caught my eye.  I thought it was worthy of reposting: After being interviewed by the administration, the prospective teacher said: Let me see if I've got this right. 'You want me to go into that … [Read more...]

Allocating Personal Time / Priorities

Part of my ritual everyday is reading a daily devotional that is waiting on me in my inbox each morning from Streaming Faith.  Some mornings I read these and then move right onto email roll into my inbox from another client so I immediately went from the first phone call right into another phone conversation with the second client, I usually … [Read more...]

Love this Quote…

Facebook is good for a lot of things, but this morning I picked up a great quote from a friend. Kris Shinn has this quote on his Facebook Profile and I absolutely loved it, wanted to share it with my readers: “Life shouldn’t be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather, to skid … [Read more...]

Video: #UR09 Friday Night (excerpt)

We streamed video tonight from The Church Alive during our Unlimited Realm Conference.  Over the course of the evening we had 799 sessions where viewers tuned into our services via the Internet.  At one time we had close to 100 people watching and communicating with each other in the chatroom. It was an awesome evening of ministry, … [Read more...]

Tragedy at FBC Maryville

I know I don’t usually blog about topics such as this but it is on my heart this morning and I wanted to address it. I was in church this past weekend streaming our church services over the web when I learned about another church shooting this weekend. This one occurred in Maryville, Illinois at the First Baptist Church.  These types of … [Read more...]

Ministry 2.0 / Austin, Texas

  I am considering making this trip to attend Ministry 2.0 at Austin, Texas.  There appears to be a lot of good sessions related to blogging, podcasting, and social networking.  All three of these areas are avenues that we are pursuing with our Ministry Web Solutions. If anyone else is attending this year, please let me know. … [Read more...]

Ministry Website Solutions

I am in the process of writing some content for our website that details a solution that I have been working on for the better part of the last year, Ministry or Church Website Solutions.  A lot of people get the impression that our company only works with Business Clients, but that’s not entirely true.  We do a lot of wok already for … [Read more...]