Relaunched: Discountabetes™ (beta)

We are currently in the process of relaunching™ this month. There are some exciting new upgrades to the order process that are being implemented that will allow new visitors to simply select how many times per day they test their blood sugar to select the package that's right for them. Feel free to checkout the new website as … [Read more...]

Current Projects: Music BuzzPages

We have been recently working with our partners at .buzz to put together a comprehensive package of bundled services for upcoming artists, musicians, and bands. The project is called: Music BuzzPages and you can learn more at: in a few days.  The really cool part of this project is that we've actually been working with some of … [Read more...]

My TEDx Talk on Agriculture & Feeding the World

I've done a lot of public speaking over the years and never had butterflies before a talk before, that changed this past weekend at TEDx Little Rock. This event was so well done and the list of speakers was very high profile (so you can imagine a goober like me tossed into that mix). Needless to say I was honored, and nervous... I was slated to be … [Read more...]

Press Release: Rohrscheib Leaves Pleth to Launch Rohrscheib Capital

Entrepreneur Cotton Rohrscheib announced today that he was stepping down from Pleth, an agency he co-founded a decade ago, to pursue other opportunities. “This is something I’ve prayed about for a while now and I think it’s the right time,” said Rohrscheib. Since 2000, Mr. Rohrscheib has been active in the expansion of the web in Central … [Read more...]

Cadron Creek Capital Launching in Central Arkansas…

I'm really excited to see Cadron Creek Capital launch here in Central Arkansas. Cadron Creek Capital (CCC) is an angel/seed capital investment fund designed to capitalize on the growth in entrepreneurial activity and venture financing throughout Arkansas and the mid-South. The fund is a member-owned, member-managed limited liability company (LLC) … [Read more...]

I’m Speaking at TEDx Markham Street

I think the official news broke today about the speaking lineup for TEDx Markham Street (not TEDx Little Rock). I blogged about this event a while back in anticipation of the formal announcement and couldn't really let the cat out of the bag then about my session. I still can't go into a lot of detail about the session topic, you'll have to keep … [Read more...]

When Tractors Invaded D.C. (1978)

I was actually telling someone the other day about getting on the tractor with my dad bright and early one morning in 1978 and heading down the highway with several hundred other farmers on their tractors. I was 6yrs old and didn't have a clue what we were doing but I can vividly remember how crazy it looked to see all of those big diesel tractors … [Read more...]

Organize Tasks from Multiple Systems w/ Krumplr

I currently have 3 systems that I have active projects and tasks running inside (Connectwise, Basecamp, and Asana). My favorite of the three is Asana and I wish everything was inside of it but for the time being I'm sort of married to these other systems. Anyone that knows me knows that I'm pretty critical when it comes to project management tools, … [Read more...]

Moving from Basecamp to Asana…

I've always been a fan of Basecamp for project management because it's cut and dry and very easy to use. It's only been recently w/ Grainster that I've opened my eyes up to another product, Asana, that's a lot better tool in my opinion. Out of the box Asana is very clean (just like Basecamp) but it's a little more robust in terms of performance and … [Read more...]

TEDx Markham Street is Coming!

TEDx Markham Street is coming to Little Rock on July 24, 2015. The all day event will take place at the Ron Robinson Theater, located at 100 River Market Ave, Little Rock, AR 72201. TEDx Markham Street 2015 is the first annual and official TEDx conference to be held in Little Rock. To purchase tickets, click here... Speakers for this years event … [Read more...]