Bugfix: Google Analyticator Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘Google_AuthException’ with message ‘Error refreshing the OAuth2 token

analytics-logo1I typically use the Google Analyticator plugin to setup Google Analytics for client projects and haven’t had that many issues using it over the years and I probably have it on 100+ websites. Well, lately I’ve noticed a few client dashboards w/ the following error message:

Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘Google_AuthException’ with message ‘Error refreshing the OAuth2 token, message: ‘{ “error” : “invalid_grant” }” in /home/xxxxx/public_html/cms/wp-content/plugins/google-analyticator/google-api-php-client/src/auth/Google_OAuth2.php:279 Stack trace: #0 /home/ffbsst/public_html/cms/wp-content/plugins/google-analyticator/google-api-php-client/src/auth/Google_OAuth2.php(239): Google_OAuth2->refreshTokenRequest(Array) #1 /home/xxxxx/public_html/cms/wp-content/plugins/google-analyticator/google-api-php-client/src/auth/Google_OAuth2.php(216): Google_OAuth2->refreshToken(‘1/zd433lhEC7Azn…’) #2 /home/xxxxx/public_html/cms/wp-content/plugins/google-analyticator/google-api-php-client/src/service/Google_ServiceResource.php(166): Google_OAuth2->sign(Object(Google_HttpRequest)) #3 /home/xxxxx/public_html/cms/wp-content/plugins/google-analyticator/google-api-php-client/src/contrib/Google_AnalyticsService.php(183): Google_ServiceResource->__call(‘list’, Array) #4 /home/xxxxx/public_html/cms/wp-co in /home/ffbsst/public_html/cms/wp-content/plugins/google-analyticator/google-api-php-client/src/auth/Google_OAuth2.php on line 279

I did a little research on this and found out that I’m not the only one seeing this issue, see WordPress Support Forum Here…

I finally did find a solution shared by Jeremy Clarke that seems to work. If you will checkout his gist here and replace the Google_OAuth2.php file w/ his code, then de-activate and reactivate & reset your Google Analyticator plugin you can get your site back up and running.


No word on what causes this bug to happen, it’s pretty sporadic among my clients…

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